Residential Moving in Grand Blanc, MI


Marching Ant Moving offers residential moving in Grand Blanc, MI. We can move your entire home across the state or just a few pieces inside your home. A local move, which is considered any move less than 40 miles, is billed hourly. The hourly rate varies depending on the day of the week and how many movers will be needed. We realize time is money and our experienced crews work as carefully and efficiently as possible but still with speed to get your items moved safely.

Long Distance

Moves that are over 40 miles from your origin to your destination are a completely different animal from local operations. These moves, regulated by the State of Michigan, are calculated by weight and by number of miles. As part of the Michigan Movers Association, you can be sure that any long distance move performed by Marching Ant Moving will be done professionally and legally. Whether you are moving to the beautiful shores of one of Michigan’s lakes or just over 40 miles away, Marching Ant Moving will make sure your goods make it to your new home safely and at a fair price. Call today for a free on-site estimate for Residential moving in Grand Blanc, MI.


Moves Marching Ant Moving has specialized equipment for moving any size office. We have years of experience and are flexible to each situation in order to make moving day at your office as stress free as possible. If you are moving your entire office to a different location in town or across the state, let us help. Or if you are rearranging furniture inside the office, or temporarily moving furniture for new carpeting or painting, we help you with it all. Call us today to schedule a free moving consultation!

Senior Moves

Are you considering downsizing or consolidating your memory-filled house into a smaller, more manageable home? Let Marching Ant Moving help you along this journey. Our expert and compassionate staff help eliminate the chaos and stress associated with moving and downsizing. With the help from our expert appraiser on staff, we can help you set up and execute an estate sale to sell your treasured items. Marching Ant Moving has relationships with many of the senior and assisted living facilities in the area; we work closely with them to assure your moving day goes as smoothly as possible so you can simply enjoy your new home. Call us today to schedule a free moving consultation!


Marching Ant Moving offers full service packing and moving. We can pack your entire house from top to bottom and provide the necessary materials to do so. We can also pack part of your home, for example your collectibles or your kitchen. Or simply provide you with boxes, paper, and tape for the do-it-yourselfer! Call for more information or to set up a move today!

Out of State Moves

At this time Marching Ant Moving does not leave the State of Michigan but; whether you are heading out of town or just arriving, let us assist you with professionals to load or unload your rented truck or portable storage. Call for more information or to set up a move today!


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